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Dear Visitors, Customers and Members,


We would like to inform you about our practices regarding the processing of your personal data and your rights under the Personal Data Protection Law (“Law”) No. 6698.


In this text: website (“Site / Sites”), shopping on the Site or subscribing to the Site (“Site Member”),

If you agree to be given general and personalized campaign information via commercial communication channels, our cookie policy includes information regarding the use of your personal data, clear consent statements you will give if you want to give explicit consent, and information about the cookies used if you visit the Site.

The necessary precautions for the security of the information and transactions provided by you and acquired by the parties have been taken by appropriate technical and administrative methods within the systems, within the technological possibilities and cost elements, in the systems by our Company or the related institution, according to the nature of the information and transaction.

Lighting Text

In accordance with the law, Grandi Konfeksiyon Sanayi ve Ticaret LTD. Lighting text regarding your personal data we process as below.

What Personal Data Do We Process?


If You Shop From The Site (Even Without Membership)


Your credentials (name and surname)

Your contact information (address, phone number, e-mail address)

TR identification number, tax number, personal company information, if you specify in the invoice)

Shopping Information (shopping date, time, amount, shopping content, payment method etc.)

If you make your shopping with a credit card, your credit card information (transferred to the relevant payment institution without being registered by GRANDI)

If You Are A Site Member


Your identity information (name surname, date of birth)

Your contact information (address, e-mail address, phone number)

Your gender knowledge

Details about your use of the Site (your behavior, transactions, preferences, visited products etc.)

Shopping Information (shopping date, time, amount, shopping content, payment method etc.)

Personalized / Commercial Communication Permission


Your credentials (name, surname,)

Your contact information (address, e-mail address, phone number)

TR identity number, tax number, personal company information if you request it to be included in the invoice)

Details about your use of the Site (your behavior, transactions, preferences, visited products etc.)

Your marketing information (Date of birth, gender information, Site usage, shopping habits, demographic member / user / customer information such as address and habits, shopping habit-preferences, likes and related comments, campaign, survey etc. and their contents, invoice contents, payment methods (cash, credit card etc.) and payment details (amount of installments etc.), old and new mobile / home / business phone / fax numbers, mail addresses, electronic commercial and other approach to communications-actions, cookies (cookies, web browser beacons-information, IP, beacon, wired-wireless network connection information, etc.), advertisement identifier information, location data if the location sharing permission is given over the internet)

What is Our Purpose to Process Your Personal Data?


Common Purposes


If you contact us, your identity and contact information in order to resolve your problems and complaints and to contact you if necessary,

Identity, communication, invoice, shopping information in order to fulfill our obligations arising from the legislation and to fulfill our other legal obligations, especially the information security with the authorized and responsible public institutions and organizations,

We process your identity, communication, invoice, shopping information in order to use any right of lawsuit, response and appeal against official institutions and organizations such as court, executive office, arbitral tribunal in disputes arising from the contract.

If You Shop From The Site (Even Without Membership)


Identity, communication and shopping information in order to record your information in order to perform post-sales operational processes (modification, change, return, product review etc.),

Your identity and contact information so that your order can be delivered to you,

To distinguish the records we created in our system with you from other customers, your identity and contact information

Your identity and billing information in order to prepare an invoice,

If you want to make your payment with a credit card, we process your credit card information (transferred to the payment institution without saving the credit card information) in order to receive the payment.

If You Are A Site Member


To ensure that the membership transactions are carried out, to fulfill the requirement of the membership agreement we will conclude with you.

In addition, your identity and contact information in order to log in to the Site,

When you want to shop on the Site as a member, your identity and contact information in order to enable you to shop using your member information without having to enter all membership information again in each shopping transaction,

As a member, your identity, contact and shopping information in order to provide you with the service of viewing the orders you have placed and your order history,

We process the information regarding your usage details in order to create / perform personalized campaigns, advantages, promotions, advertisements and marketing activities specific to you.

Personalized / Commercial Communication Permission


We process your identity, communication, shopping and marketing information in order to create / perform personalized campaigns, advantages, promotions, advertisements, informations, marketing activities and to carry out all kinds of commercial communication activities for you.


What Is Our Method of Collecting Your Personal Data and Our Legal Reason?


As Grandi Konfeksiyon, saving your personal data, the information you share about the shopping or membership transactions on the Site to our systems, recording the data obtained from the use of fixed-mobile internet and communication devices and / or mobile applications in various environments and places, to all kinds of shopping on the Site, We collect through automated methods such as collection, delivery, transaction, questionnaire filling, recording and recording of behavioral processes to our systems, and the information you provide during communication with you by phone.


As Grandi, your personal data; Regarding the membership and sales processes on the site, “legal processing is necessary for establishing and executing the contract”, “fulfilling the legal obligation” and “processing of data for the legitimate interests of the data officer; the legal reason for “fulfilling the legal obligation” regarding our retention obligations arising from the legislation; Legal reasons for “data processing is mandatory for the legitimate interests of the data controller” and “data processing and transfer is mandatory for the establishment, exercise or protection of rights”; With regard to personalized / commercial communication, we collect your explicit consent based on legal reasons.


To Whom and For What Purpose Do We Transfer Your Personal Data?


As Grandi, your personal data;


Information technologies, marketing activities, or specialized consulting etc. with Grandi’s domestic and foreign business partners and service providers (call center, personal data collection service through devices, marketing consultancy, database, electronic communication tool service providers, consultancy, for purposes such as receiving services and product and service support in personal data collection processes). , etc.) or because of the servers of our domestic business partners abroad,

With our business partners we receive courier and cargo services in order to send your shopping and any other product requests to you on the site,

Grandi Konfeksiyon Sanayi ve Ticaret LTD. ŞTİ. In order to fulfill our information, documents and other liabilities related to authorized and commissioned public institutions and organizations and judicial authorities, and to use our legal rights such as litigation and response rights, these institutions, organizations and authorities,

If you make your payment with a credit card, the relevant bank, electronic payment institution, etc. without registering your credit card information by Grandi. we transfer it to third parties that provide the service.

We share your personal data with the overseas because the servers of the site are located abroad.

What Are Your Rights Under the Law?


By applying to Grandi regarding your personal data processed by Grandi, you can always;


  1. a) learning whether your personal data is processed,
  2. b) requesting information regarding the processing activities of your personal data,
  3. c) learning the purposes of processing your personal data and whether they are used in accordance with their purpose,

ç) In case your personal data is transferred to third parties in Turkey or abroad, learning these people,

  1. d) to request correction of your personal data if it is incomplete or incorrectly processed, e) if the reasons requiring the processing of your personal data disappear or if Grandi does not have a legal basis or legitimate interest in order to process such data, Asking to delete or destroy your name,
  2. f) Requesting the third parties (d) and (e) to whom your personal data is transferred to be notified of your requests and to perform the same transactions,
  3. g) to object to the adverse results that may arise by analyzing your personal data through automated systems,

ğ) You have the right to request compensation for this loss if you suffer damage due to illegal processing of your personal data.

As a Data Responsible, Grandi Konfeksiyon Sanayi ve Ticaret LTD. Sti. You can forward it to the following communication channels (We would like to remind you that the relevant request should be followed in cases where the relevant request is required by law in a particular procedure.)


Address: Paşa Mahallesi İncirlidede Cad 17 / C Feriköy / Şişli İSTANBUL

Phone: 02122411928, 02122341117 Fax: 0212 2122312225


Internet Address:


Cookie Policy

As Grandi; Various types of cookies are used on the Site in order to carry out statistical studies on the use of the site, to make targeted advertisements / promotions and to ensure an effective customer experience. These are session cookies, persistent cookies, mandatory cookies, functionality cookies, analytics cookies, commercial cookies and third party cookies.


Cookies operate properly and develop the website visited, personalization and improvement of the user experience, visit the sites without logging in and / or send commercial-social notices to the party (as it may see, even if the internet browser and / or related mobile application is closed); and are small pieces of data that are placed on computers and mobile devices to ensure that users or visitors of the site are provided with general or customized information, advertisements and promotions, both on the relevant site and on other sites (including social media-networks and online advertising networks). In addition, we share the traffic data we obtain through cookies with our third party business partners and digital marketing companies at home and abroad for digital marketing purposes. Cookies are kept in computer-devices for a purposeful period of time, provided that the legal maximum time, if any, is not exceeded.


Visitors who use our site (including mobile versions) accept the above-mentioned application, as well as the processing of related cookies in the personal data legislation and other parts of this information text (including transfer-sharing and use to third parties within this framework). they are considered.


Visitors can remove and / or stop the aforementioned notifications by editing cookies from the program and / or operating system and / or internet browser settings on their devices at any time (In this case, it should be known that our Site / related device / program may not work as desired and / or not be notified of the notification contents).


Open Consent and Commercial Communication Permission Statements

As explained in detail in the lighting text above, where your explicit consent is required for the processing of your personal data and / or if your commercial communication permit is required to engage in commercial communication activities for you, your consent or explicit consent; You can give it in our stores as well as in the Site and / or in the digital environment if you have a Mobile Application


Namely; If you have found the above clarification text appropriate, after you confirm the accuracy of your information, you will have completed the process of giving the relevant explicit consent / commercial communication permission (according to the procedure and your preference).


Explicit consent for personalized / commercial communications / commercial communication consent declaration


I have been informed / know that I can stop the commercial electronic communication in any time I want, without any reason, by making the transaction (rejection) specified in the electronic messages you will send, and in cases where personal data is processed based on open consent, I can always withdraw the open consent and stop personal data processing processes based on open consent. .


Regarding personalized / commercial communication, the processing of my personal data as described in the lighting text above, SMS / text message, MMS, instant notification, automatic call, computer, phone, e via my contact information provided by Grandi to me in case I update it in the future. I allow and approve commercial electronic messages to be sent via e-mail / mail, mobile app and web, push, bluetooth, beacon, all kinds of private-public networks and other electronic communication tools.

Address: Paşa Mahallesi İncirlidede Cad 17 / C Feriköy / Şişli İSTANBUL

Telephone: 0212 241 19 28, 0212 234 11 17 Fax: 0212 2312225

Email :

Internet Address:

Grandi Garment Industry and Trade LTD. Sti.


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